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The boys discuss the Tom Wilson incident and the aftermath, in which two of them yell at each other and one of them approaches it rationally. Plus, the Sabres transcend wins and losses, their underdog goalie, McDavid chases 100 points, the playoff races, a great convo about the top 20 sitcoms of all-time and an overrated/underrated/fav/least fav on non-movie Star Wars things. Sponsored by Raycon

Episode length 01:39:31

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Henry JD
Henry JD

Love the podcasts boys. But I have to disagree that the NHL didn't want last nights game to be a gong show. It absolutely did and I believe it's the #1 reason Wilson wasn't suspended for at least 1 game. I've also heard Parros was there to try to keep the teams in check. Another fallacy. He was there to watch the chaos he and his department helped create. IMO, if it weren't for the "PC Police", the NHL would love to get rid of any rules to have as much violence it can possibly muster. They do next to nothing to allow its stars to shine on a shift-to-shift basis so the league knows it needs the gongshow to sell tickets.

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